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Hey there, I am Patrick and I live in the Netherlands. I am a teacher by profession and I love to challenge not just my students but myself too. I studied in a bilingual education system so that inspired me to become a bilingual teacher. I teach mathematics and I love every bit of it.

When I started my career as a bilingual teacher, it was very hard for me to find tested materials. Even the teachers in the community were facing the same trouble. We had to perform extensive research before we prepared our lessons and move forward with teaching the students.

Introducing CLIL Magazine

This inspired me to start CLIL Magazine. The purpose of this magazine was to share ideas and connect with people. My first CLIL Magazine was launched in 2012. Initially, my focus was just the Dutch schools but then I realized that this magazine has a lot of potential throughout the world. It did not take much time for my magazine to become a regular publication. Now, each spring and autumn, a new copy is published. It features a number of articles starting from interviews with the experts, columns about the everyday school experience, articles on different subjects by renowned people and a lot more. On top of that this magazine is available for free!

CLIL Blog & Training

On my CLIL Blog, I love to write about CLIL once each week. If you are new in CLIL teaching, this blog will come in really handy.

Want to learn more about CLIL but need a little help? You are the right place! I have provided training and coaching for a variety of different schools as well as groups of teachers and would love to help you out. Just get in touch and I can see what I can do to help you.

There is a free gift too

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