The All-Access-Pass

Get even more out of the online CLIL Summit 2020 with the all-access-pass

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Still only available until October 6, 0:00 CEST

Not sure if you can make it to all of the sessions?

I know how busy teachers are. Between teaching, preparing and grading you will probably not find the time to participate in all of the sessions live.

The amount of inspiration and ready-to-use activities provided in this summit might feel a bit overwhelming, even more for busy teachers.

With the All-Access-Pass you don't have to worry about that!

Start learning even before the summit starts with access to the recordings of three mini-masterclasses

Receive a certificate of completion to prove you participated in this summit.

Meet and learn from fellow CLIL teachers from around the world during networking sessions.

All of the presentations and MP3 files used during the summit are yours to download.

Lifetime access to all of these resources, not just 48 hours!

Do you also want to learn from and with fellow CLIL teachers?

Join the networking and coworking sessions!

Meet fellow CLIL teachers and apply the knowledge gained during the week.

Networking sessions

Meet fellow CLIL teachers and discuss the things you learned. Using the break-out feature of Zoom, you will meet CLIL teachers from all over the world in small groups to learn from each other's experiences.

Session 1: Monday September 29th at 20:00 CEST

Session 2: Thursday October 1st at 15:00 CEST

Coworking sessions

Apply the knowledge gained from the different experts this week and let me help you apply this to your own lessons immediately with practical advice and ideas for your situation, together with fellow CLIL teachers.

Session 1: Tuesday September 29th at 21:00 CEST

Session 2: Thursday October 1st at 21:00 CEST

Meet new people, apply the lessons learned and make this summit the most practical you have ever visited (even offline)

Want to receive a certificate of completion?

Earn the certificate to show your lessons learned!

With the certificate of completion you can show your employers or fellow teachers your dedication to learn about CLIL

Certificate of completion

At the end of the summit you get access to a quiz with questions about the various topics discussed during the summit. After completing this quiz, you receive a personalised certificate of completion

With the all-access-pass you take your professional development even more seriously

Bonus material: Mini-Masterclasses

Mini-Masterclass recordings

With these sessions you can already start on your CLIL journey without having to wait for the summit to start!

Mini-masterclass included are:

  • How to balance language & content in a CLIL lesson
  • 3 ways to implement scaffoling
  • How to introduce a new topic in a CLIL way

What you can expect from the All-Access-Pass

  • Lifetime access to all of the recordings
  • MP3 recordings of all of the sessions
  • Presentations of the sessions
  • Access to 2 networking sessions
  • Access to 2 coworking sessions
  • Certificate of completion
  • Acces to 3 mini-masterclass recordings

Do not let the information and inspiration go to waste after 1 week only

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The All-Access-Pass is no longer for sale

But don't stop here!

If you want to learn more about CLIL, there are couple of options for you:

Hope that helps :)

Good luck with your CLIL lessons!