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CLIL Challenge 2021

During a 5 day challenge from March 1st – 5th I will personally guide you through various topics related to online learning.

The purpose of this challenge?

To help you feel less stressed out and ready to prepare engaging online lessons!

Wondering how to apply CLIL effectively to your online lesson?

You want to...

Have plenty of ideas for websites and apps to use in your online, hybrid or offline lessons

Prepare your (online) CLIL lessons in as little time as possible

Know about practical examples and lesson ideas you can implement immediately

“It will be for a short time only” they said when the first lockdown was initiated.... 

That was almost a year ago....

... and we yet again find ourselves teaching remotely or in some kind of hybrid way.

You have to make sure students are engaged with the content, all the while teaching them the things you are supposed to teach them.

But instead of seeing your students in class, opening their books and participating in activities... are not even sure if the students are doing what they are supposed to do.

Or even worse: if students are actually present at all.

Maybe you are...

Out of ideas for websites & apps to use

Feeling overwhelmed with all of the options and not sure where to start

Stressed out because planning online lessons takes so much time.

This challenge is aimed at helping you get through these tough times.

Whatever your current challenge is, it's time to make a plan for your online CLIL lessons in the most effective way.

Feeling overwhelmed? You are not the only one

With worldwide lockdowns and other measurements taken against the worldwide threat of the corona virus, you as a teacher find yourself trapped between having to live up to the expectations of the school and the challenges of online teaching.

You might even have to combine that with children at home or partners who work from home as well.

A little challenging one might say.

You have searched far and wide for different tools to use and are still not sure what to choose and apply to make your lessons effective and engaging.

Or you might be using the same websites and apps and are looking for some variation to use and increase student engagement.

Preparing lessons is something that takes more time than usual. You might record movies, have to be available for questions, prepare activities, provide feedback and probably more.

This might just result in stress. A feeling of overwhelm. Of anxiety.

The challenge is completely online so you can participate from wherever you want!

Structure and clarity

What would it be like if you would have a system to prepare your lessons step-by-step, with a list of ICT tools ready to use whenever you want?

If you knew how  to make lessons more engaging and interactive to make the lessons fun again?

That is what we will do during the online 

CLIL Challenge 2021!




Tools to use


Lesson ideas

How does it work?

After you have registered, you will receive an email to confirm your registration.

When you did that, you are in!

Every morning at 9:00 CET I will be live in the Facebook group with a short training.

If you cannot make it everyday at 9:00, don't worry! Everything is recorded within the Facebook group.

Not on Facebook? Not a problem, the video will be shared later that day on the website as well.

During the challenge you will receive various tasks to do.

Complete all of them and hand them in every day to make a chance to win a prize!

The topics of the challenge

Day 1

Organizing an online lesson

Preparing an online lesson is quite different from preparing an offline one. During the first day of the challenge we will discuss a step-by-step procedure to prepare an online lesson, using various online tools!

Practical take away day 1:

A step-by-step plan to prepare an online CLIL lesson

Day 2

Keeping up engagement

Making sure students are engaged with the content is essential to CLIL. The second day will be all about activities you can do to make sure engagement is high in your online lessons!

Practical take away day 2:

3 quickly prepared activities that make sure all students are engaged

Day 3

Motivating student output

The other essential part of CLIL is motivating student output. On day three we will discuss the various ways you can motivate written and spoken (!) output in an online lesson.

Practical take away day 3:

3 quickly prepared activities that generate either spoken or written output from students in an online lesson

Day 4

Assessing in an online setting

Being able to do some kind of assessment and provide feedback on the work of students is what allows lessons and activities to be most effective. On day four, different ways of implementing this will be discussed.

Practical take away day 4:

3 quickly prepared activities that allow for quick formative assessment

Day 5

Preparing a lesson - Live!

On day five there will be a live webinar during which we will prepare an online lesson step-by-step using everything learned during this challenge.

Practical take away day 5:

A ready-to-use lesson plan for your next (online) lesson!



Bonus #1

Battle tested online tools

Overwhelmed with all of the online possibities?

All of the online tools discussed in this challenge will be available in a document ready for download at the end of the challenge. That way you have a summary of sorts and can easily pick up the next tool to try!

Bonus #2

List of CLIL activities

This has been called the most useful thing of my trainings

Not sure where to start? I got you covered!

With a list of over 30 CLIL activities with short descriptions you have a source of inspiration for when you are out of ideas for your next lesson.

Bonus #3

CLIL Lesson Blueprint

Normally sells for €19,95

In this recording of a training you will not just learn the basics of a CLIL lesson, but you will be able to actually see me prepare a CLIL lesson in 15 minutes.

About Patrick de Boer

Patrick de Boer is a CLIL coach, teacher trainer and former editor-in-chief of CLIL Magazine. With almost 15 years of experience teaching CLIL mathematics in secondary education and coaching fellow teachers, he shares his ideas on regular basis on his blog and trains CLIL teachers worldwide with both online and offline courses and workshops.

Organizing this online CLIL Challenge is his response to the many questions he received regarding teaching CLIL online. After coaching various groups of teachers and sharing his ideas with them, he now shares them with the rest of the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

Just in case I forgot something

Is this only suitable for online lessons?

No, all of the websites, apps and activities can be applied to offline lessons as well. But the focus of this challenge will be the online application.

Will the videos be available forever?

No, the videos and the FB group will be removed after 1 week. This to make sure you make the most of this challenge and do not put it on your 'I am going to do this when I have time' list (we all know it is not going to happen then ;))

What are the prizes you can win?

You will have to wait until the first session to hear more about the prizes to win!

For who might this be interesting?

CLIL teachers that have to teach online or in a hybrid way. My field of expertise is secondary education, so the examples mentioned will be for that specific age range, but it can easily be applied to primary or tertiary as well.

Will there be a certificate to earn?

Yes, you can earn a reward at the end of the challenge. It will mention the date of the challenge and the amount of hours it took to complete it.

What timezone will this take place in?

As I live in The Netherlands, all of the times are CET.

Do I have to be available for all of the live sessions?

Certainly not, you can watch the video recordings during the week, not a problem! 

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