CLIL Challenge 7 ICT

How can I use ICT in a CLIL way?


I remember plugging in the internet cable into the wall and my parents warning me not to be online for too long. We had to pay for the time we were online and our phone would not be working during the time we were on the internet.

Times sure have changed.

To be offline longer than a day is almost a sin to our students, and when I tell them I did not have a mobile phone or internet when I was their age, they immediately estimate my age 20 years higher.

As teachers, making full use of ICT and computers is both a necessity and a challenge.

I once heard someone explain the difference between our students and most teachers as ‘digital natives’ and ‘digital immigrants’. In the time it takes a teacher to figure out the basics of a new app or website, most students are able to explore all of the possibilities and limitations. I generalize of course, but you might recognise this.

The challenge that we 21st century teachers face, is to find the balance between using ICT and still keeping track of your lesson goals. I have seen many lessons in which using the computer had become the primary goal instead of the method. You should avoid this at all cost. Allow me to show you how.

In the activity below, I mention multiple website you can use to enhance (not replace!) your lesson. I myself teach using a data projector and a screen, so nothing fancy really. Most schools will have a similar or even more advanced set-up.

Do realise these websites should be used in a CLIL way. That implies the use of the target language, a reflection moment, activating prior knowledge, etc. Think about these important CLIL aspects when you create the activity.


I have used the websites mentioned myself and all of these were free during the time I used them.

The activity of this week is simple: Choose one of the resources below and create an activity for your lesson. This can be an introductionary quiz, a test to check for understanding or a quick language exercise. Let me know what you have created!


An online environment which you can use to test your students. Students use their phones, tables or laptops to sign in and do the questions of your prepared quiz. Because students don’t need an account, the system works very intuitively and fast.


Another online environment which is more game based than Socrative. Students earn points for correct questions and will become very competitive because of this. Even 16 year olds like to do this!


Many of you probably know of this website already. This educational website created by Discovery Channel allows for the creation of many different puzzles, including crosswords and word searches. The puzzles can be printed so students don’t need a device to use this website.

Only three website to choose from this time. I don’t want you to spend your time researching all of the options. I’d rather see you use this time to create an activity.


These challenges are supposed to make you think about what you are doing and why you are doing it. Also, depending on your experience and skill, the challenges can result in different solutions.

This challenge will be a bit more research focused.

Find another website that facilitates the use of ICT in your lesson. Create a lesson and focus on one of the aspects of CLIL.

Good luck this week!

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