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8 weeks to CLIL perfection

Ever felt like you are reinventing the wheel all the time and have to figure out everything on your own?

Maybe you would like to take the next professional step with CLIL but lack the inspiration?

Do you have CLIL related questions that no one at your school can answer?

Read on to learn more about the CLIL Challenge V.I.P.!

Why should you take this course?

  • Weekly training videos about a different topic each week for 8 weeks.
  • New activities every week for both beginning and more advanced CLIL teachers
  • You will set weekly goals as well as a final goal to get the most out of this course.
  • Weekly coaching on your progress in a Google Hangout session with the other participants. You can ask any question you might have! Recordings of these sessions will be available during the course.
  • Collaboration with other teachers, possibly worldwide, in a private Facebook group.
  • Videos and materials are available wherever you are (internet connection required)
  • With weekly goals and new activities, you’ll be able to integrate CLIL in your lessons more thoroughly than during a onetime event like a workshop or a training.
  • A database of more than 30 ready to use activities that barely require any prep time. They will be introduced, discussed and prepared for you. All you need to do is to try them out in your lesson!
  • The group size will be a maximum of 10 participants, to ensure high quality and personal coaching.

How is the course organised?

  • Sunday: You will receive access to the new video and materials for that week.
    You also post your goal for that week in the Facebook group.
  • Tuesday 8 pm CEST/CET: Google Hangout session to
    • Discuss your progress of the week before
    • Ask any question you might have
    • Receive personal feedback
  • Friday: Update on your goals in the Facebook group

 Start of the course: Sunday 2nd of October

Google Hangout Dates:

4th October, 11th October

1 week Break            

25th October, 1st November, 8th November, 15th November, 22nd November, 29th November

What topics will be discussed?

  1. The biggest CLIL challenge: subject vs. language
    You have a subject to teach in a second language. How do you balance the subject content and language goals? How to you deal with students with a low language level?
  2. Scaffolding, the holy grail of CLIL
    Everybody always talks about scaffolding, but how does it work and how can you make it work in your lesson? How can you differentiate your materials with scaffolding?
  3. Setting goals and reflecting upon them
    What are realistic goals and how do you train your students to reflect upon their own language (and work)? How can you integrate thinking skills with your goals?
  4. Classroom English: what phrases make sense and which don’t?
    Students have to practice their level of English. But so do you, right? Also, how do you motivate students to speak English in your lesson?
  5. Providing feedback without losing time
    Lesson time is precious. You want to be able to move on quickly! Learn how to provide feedback on both language and content and the six different ways of providing feedback.
  6. Check for understanding
    Do the students actually understand your English translation? You’d better be sure!
  7. Fun activities!
    I know, your lesson is great as it is. Yet, you might be able to use some of these quick CLIL activities to make your lesson more vivid. Creating your own CLIL activities will also be discussed.
  8. Do the students live up to your expectations? Assessment in CLIL
    At some point we all have to test the students. We discuss the role of language in assessment.
    We will also reflect upon your own progress in this week.


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