How to prepare your CLIL lessons..

..without having to spend hours on finding ideas, figuring it all out on your own and reinventing the wheel.

You are just seconds away from the step-by-step training, advice and support you need to prepare (even more) engaging CLIL lessons in less time and with lots of ideas to spare.

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • You want to implement CLIL to your lessons, but don't know where to start
  •  You use the same CLIL activities over and over because you have no inspiration for new ones
  • You are implementing CLIL in some way, but are not sure if you are doing a good enough job 
  • You feel like you are reinventing the wheel because you have very few or no colleagues to spar with

If it does, you  know how hard it can be to find quality support and advice that fits your needs

Some of the things included in the CLIL Roadmap:

  • A step-by-step online training to help you get started as well as discover more advanced topics
  • 40+ ready-to-use CLIL activities you can use in your CLIL lesson with little or no preparation time
  • Monthly coaching sessions to discuss your challenges and receive feedback on your lesson

The CLIL Roadmap will help you to

Find practical, ready-to-use CLIL activities for your next CLIL lesson

Save time by following a step-by-step plan instead of having to figure it all out

Receive support to help you implement CLIL for your specific situation

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What is included in the CLIL Roadmap

Get access to the CLIL Roadmap, a step-by-step online course to teaching CLIL. 

With short videos and plenty of activities for your lessons, this course alone will take your lessons to the next level.

Each of the nine modules in this training is developed to guide you towards a better understanding of the concept as CLIL and its implementation at every level of CLIL understanding.

You can go through the modules at your own pace and ask for feedback during the coaching sessions.

Monthly Live CLIL Coaching (3 months)

Do you have specific questions or challenges related to your class, subject or lesson? Or maybe you want some feedback on materials you designed? During the monthly CLIL Coaching sessions you get specific help with your challenges.

After these sessions you will be sure to walk away with something you can use in your next CLIL lesson!


You can probably not join all of the live sessions. But that is not a problem! You can find all of the recordings of past sessions available to you within a week of the live session.

That way you do no have to miss out on anything! You can enjoy the session whenever you want, wherever you want.

Patrick de Boer

With almost 15 years of experience teaching CLIL Mathematics in The Netherlands and publishing 10 issues of CLIL Magazine, Patrick decided to become a fulltime CLIL teacher trainer and coach to help CLIL teachers worldwide get in touch with each other and stop reinventing the wheel with CLIL.

Join the CLIL Roadmap


  • 1 year access to the CLIL Roadmap online training
  • 3 live coaching calls to help you implement everything you have learned
  • Access to all of the recordings

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the CLIL Roadmap for?

For CLIL teachers worldwide who teach in primary and secondary education. If you teach in other types of education your most welcome, but as that is not my personal expertise, I will have limited ideas to apply ideas to your lessons.

Why should I join this online training?

I think that can better be asked to the people who have already joined ;).

Some of the things I heard them say:
"You absolutely lived up to the expectations, and more so!"

"It is almost too good to be true"

"The idea of meeting CLIL colleagues who are in the same boat but in different countries and contexts is so inspiring"

"The CLIL Roadmap is gold"

Need I say more? But if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

What is the amount of time needed for the online course?

That is entirely up to you! Each module has over an hour of video material, but you can go through all of that at your own pace. And when you get stuck, you can join one of the monthly live sessions to ask questions and receive help.