The CLIL Quality Roadmap

A step-by-step guide to CLIL

No more:

  • Insecurity whether or not you are on the right track
  • Lack of inspiration for new activities for your CLIL lesson
  • At loss where to start with all the things you have to keep in mind when teaching CLIL.
  • No idea how to motivate your students to produce output

Let me help you with a step-by-step roadmap to discover all there is to CLIL.

With the goal of preparing and implementing an engaging CLIL lesson!

What would it be like..

If you knew exactly what steps to take, and in what order, to learn about CLIL without overwhelm?

If you could discuss your challenges with fellow CLIL teachers who experience similar things and feel you are not alone?

If you would have a toolkit of ready-to-use activites for your lesson so you can start right now?

Enter: The CLIL Quality Roadmap

A step-by-step approach to CLIL

Included in this online learning experience:

  • Lifetime access to the 9 modules of the CLIL Quality Roadmap, with short video to explain the different topics
  • Weekly group coaching calls for 9 weeks, during which one step will be discussed in detail to help you implement in 
  • Groups of a maximum of 5 people, to ensure enough time to help you out and learn from and each other
  • Access to private FB group for support for sharing successes and asking questions

What does it cost?


(Have you used your schooling budget already this year? ;))

Sign up now so we can take the next step in your CLIL journey,


Still need to discuss with your superiors?
I understand!

Reserve a spot for a week so you are sure the group won't be full when you apply

When does it start?

The first session will take place in week 43 (October 19 - October 25)

This way the 9 sessions will take place before the Christmas holiday.

After you have signed up, we will determine the best moment for the group sessions to take place so everyone in the group can participate in the weekly live calls as much as possible.

Questions you might have

When does it start?

The group sessions will start in about two weeks time, after we have planned what day and time we will get together.

When will the coaching calls take place?

We will decide on the best day and time with the members of the group.

I might not be in the same time zone, is that a problem?

Because the group sessions are an important part of this course, we aim to find a day and time that works for everyone. This could also mean we split up groups or decide on different days and times during the course.

Is there a limit to the amount of people who can join?

As one group consists of a maximum of 5 people, the amount of people who can join this course determines the amount of groups. We can start when one group is full, but multiple groups are possible.

My question is not mentioned, can I ask it?

Sure! Just sent me an email at with any question you might have.

I look forward to guiding you on your CLIL journey and show you how you can make it work in your lesson!