How to prepare your CLIL lessons..

..without having to spend hours on finding ideas, without figuring it all out on your own and without reinventing the wheel.

Imagine: you do not have to spend an hour for each CLIL lesson you prepare.
Instead, you check a list of activities you can implement immediately and use a fill-in-the-blanks lesson template.
Tada: your CLIL lesson is finished!
With the CLIL roadmap you will learn how to do just this in 6 weeks.

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • You want to implement CLIL to your lessons, but are overwhelmed with all the things you should do.
  •  You use the same CLIL activities over and over and you are worried your students might not be inspired by this at all.
  • You feel like you might not be a good CLIL teacher, because the lessons end up being the same all the time.
  • You are implementing CLIL in some way, but are not sure if it is good enough according to the 'standards'.
  • You feel like you are reinventing the wheel because you have very few or no colleagues to spar with resulting in you having to spend hours figuring it all out on your own.
  • You know you have to use CLIL, but are afraid you can't finish your book if you do and your students might not understand your subject.

Yet ....

... you still manage to give CLIL lessons. Or your regular lessons, translated in English.

But is that really CLIL?

The problem is:

  • You have no idea if you are doing CLIL or not and as a result keep trying out 'new things' (that take a lot of time and effort and have little influence on the students' learning)
  • When you sit down to prepare your lesson, you don't know what to do. So you keep coming up with new ideas, searching the web for inspiration or simply give the same lesson again. And disappoint yourself a little in the process.
  • You are afraid others might not think your lesson is 'CLIL enough' or worse: the inspection might visit your lesson and deem it as 'not good enough'.
  • You are nervous if you can actually motivate your students to speak English at all, as they are already reluctant to do so even when you stand close to them.
  • You fall back on simply translating your lesson, knowing that this is not CLIL. But after all, what else can be expected of you as no one ever told you how to do this?

Does it help if I tell you, you are not the only one?

I mean it!

It is possible to teach high quality CLIL lessons,

without spending hours preparing them.

Or having to figure out everything on your own.

That is what I help you with, in the CLIL Roadmap.


  • You feel confident in the way you teach CLIL, giving you the confidence to get students to participate and give lessons full of energy and enthusiasm. 
  • You can follow a step-by-step plan to prepare your next CLIL lesson, allowing you to spend time on the things that matter for you, like your hobbies and your family.
  • You have plenty of ideas to implement CLIL, even if you have to improvise, and are no longer worried something might go wrong during your lesson when trying something new.
  • You know a wide variety of activities to promote student output so their level of English is improving and you longer have to struggle with teaching both the subject and the language.
  • You actually start changing your regular lessons, because CLIL works for you. And your students. (This is something I hear a lot of CLIL teachers say!).

And the best thing is: you can do this in less time than you do now.

Sounds good, right?

Possible roadblocks you run into:

  1. 1
    It takes time.

    I get it! Preparing a good lesson takes time, even if you know what to do. But that is exactly the problem, right? Do you know exactly what to do? And how much time would it save you if you did?
  2. 2
    You already tried some CLIL activities and they didn't work.

    Fair enough. Some things work. Others don't. That is why I only share things I have tested in my own classroom. That way I know they work.
  3. 3
    CLIL is something extra you can't fit in your lesson.

    Do you know what the I in CLIL stands for? Integrated. It is not the S of Separated. In other words: it should be a part of the way you teach, not some 'extra' activity during your lesson. It does not cost you any extra time in your lesson, promise.
  4. 4
    Most CLIL activities don't work for your subject

    I've heard this one before. For almost any subject. My own subject (mathematics) is considered 'tricky' when it comes to CLIL by a lot of people. Allow me to prove you wrong ;).
  5. 5
    You feel like you have to do everything on your own

    Maybe you are the only CLIL teacher for your subject within your school. Or maybe you are even the only CLIL teacher within your school. This does not mean you have to do everything on your own though. There are hundreds of CLIL schools around the globe, plenty of people to learn from!

My solution: The Online CLIL Roadmap

With the online training 'the CLIL Roadmap' I help you to understand CLIL, implement it and make it work. Even if you think it cannot work for you specific subject. 

And I promise: you can do this in less time than you think!

What others say about the Online CLIL Roadmap


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Patrick is a born presenter and teacher. He is always open to various questions and ready to support every student.

I strongly advise to take this course to everybody who interested in CLIL and wants to be engaged in activities connected with CLIL implementation.



I participated in the CLIL Roadmap Course. That was the best investment in my professional career. During the course we learned all theory about CLIL and also practiced ourselves dozens of CLIL activities. 

Malgorzata Molisz


Because of Patrick's help, I became much more confident in teaching CLIL and apply it more often than I used to (I even share CLIL ideas with my colleagues now).


The CLIL Roadmap will help you to

Find practical, ready-to-use CLIL activities for your next CLIL lesson

Save time by following a step-by-step plan instead of having to figure it all out

Receive support to help you implement CLIL for your specific situation

What is included in the Online CLIL Roadmap

The CLIL Roadmap course (1 year)

Get access to the CLIL Roadmap, the step-by-step online course to teaching CLIL. 

With short videos and 40+ ready-to-use activities for your lessons, this course alone will take your lessons to the next level.

Each of the six modules in this training is developed to guide you towards a better understanding of the concept as CLIL and its implementation at every level of CLIL understanding.

A place for all your questions (1 year)

You get access to a Facebook group exclusively for CLIL teachers who join this online course in which you can ask any question you want. For a year! 

It is like having a personal CLIL coach in your pocket, as I will be in this group often and help you out with things that cannot wait until the next live session.

Monthly Live CLIL implementation calls (3 months)

Wondering how to get certain CLIL activities to work in your lesson? During the implementation calls, that is exactly what we'll do! 

You choose from a selection of CLIL activities and together with fellow CLIL teachers you prepare them for your next lesson. Live. You get my feedback on the spot so you can implement the activity the next lesson!

Monthly Live CLIL Coaching (3 months)

Do you have specific questions or challenges related to your class, subject or lesson? Or maybe you want some feedback on materials you designed? During the monthly CLIL Coaching sessions you get specific help with your challenges.

After these sessions you will be sure to walk away with something you can use in your next CLIL lesson!


You can probably not join all of the live sessions. But that is not a problem! You can find all of the recordings of past sessions available to you within a week of the live session.

That way you do no have to miss out on anything! You can enjoy the session whenever you want, wherever you want.

Sounds like something for you?

Wait, there is more...

The bonus training videos before used to be part of the CLIL Membership I hosted, but will be integrated in the Online CLIL Roadmap over the course of the next couple of months. You can have access to them now.

Bonus 1:

Check if your students actually understand what you explained

A common problem for many teachers is that they like explaining.

And that is perfectly fine, if you do check for understanding every now and then.

During this mini-masterclass I share a variety of ways you can check if students actually understand what you explained. 

Bonus 2:

Use learning objectives effectively

Learning objectives are key to effective teaching. And in the CLIL roadmap I explain exactly what role good learning objectives play.

But there is more to learn, and in this mini-masterclass I give you a step-by-step procedure on how to come up with learning objectives in way you never have to think about if it is effective or not!

Bonus 3:

Teaching students to take notes

Maybe the most important skill we never teach our students: taking notes.

In this mini-masterclass I share different activities you can do in your lesson to teach your students to not just take notes, but get better at it at the same time!

Bonus 4:

Putting students first

How do you make sure you are not the only one talking? There is research that shows there are lesson where students only talk 4 (!!!) words during a lesson.

I don't think that's the best way to learn a language. Allow me to share in this training how you can use this.

Bonus 5:

Scaffolding, Embedding and Chunking

I once hosted a sub-plenary with the title 'Scaffolding, the holy grail of CLIL'. 

Scaffolding is essential, and therefor an important part of the CLIL Roadmap training. But this particular topic on the difference between scaffolding, embedding and chunking is not (yet) clarified.

And without this clarification, there is a lot of confusion around the topic. Which is a shame, because this can have an effect on the quality of your lessons. 

Join the CLIL Roadmap

1 year access to the CLIL Roadmap online training

+ New updates


1 year access to the FB support group


3 CLIL implementation calls


3 CLIL coaching calls


Bonus "Checking for understanding"


Bonus "Effective learning objectives"


Bonus "Teaching students to take notes"


Bonus "Putting students first"


Bonus "Scaffolding, Embedding, Chunking"


Total worth


Your investment


You can currently not join the Online CLIL Roadmap as it is being updated

Sign up for weekly CLIL updates to be the first to know when it reopens.

Wait, what is the catch?

I know, almost sounds too good to be true, right?

The things is: I want to start updating this course with all of the new things I have learned over the last couple of years.

My goal is to make this course the one-stop-shop for everything related to CLIL.

Forge it into the best online CLIL training available online.

Develop it even further than it is now.

This update will start after 1 February, so registration will be closed after that date.

And once it relaunches, it will be at a higher price point.

So if you want to make sure you don't miss out on this opportunity, make sure to join before February 1st.

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You missed out!

This is who this training is for:

You are a secondary school teacher who teaches in a second language and wants to learn how to use CLIL in a way that takes less time.

Or is looking for some guidance as to how exactly use all of these different kinds of ideas presented to be "CLIL".

Maybe you are a primary school teacher who is looking ways to integrate English in your lesson.

If you want prepare your CLIL lessons easier, faster and make them work for your lesson, than this course is for you.

Now I do promise that you will be able to speed up your lesson prep time. Vastly.

However, I do no promise preparing your lesson will not take any time at all anymore.
After all, I do think a good lesson needs to be prepared. Needs to have an idea behind it and a clear goal.

So if you feel like you just want to implement a few easy activities and be done with it, I don't think this course is for you.

I prefer to work with teachers who want to make a difference. Who want to help out their students the best way they can with the best tools available. Who are motivated to put in the work to get the results they want: better lessons and more time.

Are you one of those?

Patrick de Boer

With 15 years of experience teaching CLIL Mathematics in The Netherlands and publishing 10 issues of CLIL Magazine, Patrick decided to become a full time CLIL teacher trainer and coach to help CLIL teachers worldwide get in touch with each other and stop reinventing the wheel with CLIL.

With the CLIL Roadmap, Patrick shares the activities, guides and lesson frameworks he used when he taught his students. As such, they are all tried and tested and can help you out as well!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

I promise your lessons will be prepared easier with this online course. If you for any reason feel like it does not, please get in touch and I will personally help you make the most of this course and improve your lessons.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the CLIL Roadmap for?

For CLIL teachers worldwide who teach in primary and secondary education. If you teach in other types of education your most welcome, but as that is not my personal expertise, I will have limited ideas to apply ideas to your lessons.

Why should I join this online training?

I think that can better be asked to the people who have already joined ;).

Some of the things I heard them say:
"You absolutely lived up to the expectations, and more so!"

"It is almost too good to be true"

"The idea of meeting CLIL colleagues who are in the same boat but in different countries and contexts is so inspiring"

"The CLIL Roadmap is gold"

Need I say more? But if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

What is the amount of time needed for the online course?

That is entirely up to you! Each module has over an hour of video material, but you can go through all of that at your own pace. And when you get stuck, you can join one of the monthly live sessions to ask questions and receive help.

And for the record: if you spend half an hour on preparing your lessons and you can get that down to 15 minutes, how much time does that save you in 1 month...? I think the time investment has already paid itself back then :).

Is it possible to get my school to pay?

Sure! Just get in touch and I'll send you an invoice. Once the invoice has been paid, you get access to the online course.

Can I pay with ...

All of the international ways of payment are possible: Paypal and Creditcard. If you live in The Netherlands, you can also pay with iDeal.

Still reading?

If you want to prepare your next CLIL lesson in less time, have over 40 CLIL activities you can instantly implement in your lesson and have a fill-in-the-blanks lesson plan, this is the course you want.

So, if you are still on the fence, the time to join is now.

As always, good luck with your CLIL lessons.


Patrick de Boer