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Roadmap Coaching group 2020

Welcome to the course of the Coaching group 2020. Glad to have you along! In this course, all of the recordings & materials will be stored for you to access whenever you’d like. Good luck with your CLIL lessons!

CLIL Quality Roadmap

Using the 9 steps of the CLIL Quality Roadmap, you will learn what you need to prepare and implement engaging CLIL lessons. Each module in this course covers one step of the roadmap.

All Access Pass Online CLIL Summit 2020

Here you can find all of the presentations, recordings, files and bonusses for the online CLIL Summit of 2020: preparing and implementing an engaging CLIL lesson

100% CLIL Lesson blueprint

Welcome to the 100% CLIL lesson training! In this training I will share with you how I personally prepare my CLIL lesson in 15 minutes, so you can do it too! There are three modules in this course: 1. The 100% CLIL Webinar training In this 45 minute training I share the exact steps to …

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CLIL Quick Start 2019

Here you can find the videos of the CLIL Quick start that was released in September 2019 In 5 videos you will discover: Why setting lesson goals is important. ..and checking if they were actually achieved maybe even more. The importance of teaching students to take notes Why working individually is also CLIL. More than …

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Wondering how Bloom’s Taxonomy can help you? Let me show you! In this course you will learn: The ideas of Bloom on learning Why his ideas were important to your teaching How you can implement these ideas in your lesson.. ..with practical lesson ideas! Good luck!