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Welcome to the 100% CLIL lesson training! In this training I will share with you how I personally prepare my CLIL lesson in 15 minutes, so you can do it too!

There are three modules in this course:

1. The 100% CLIL Webinar training

In this 45 minute training I share the exact steps to follow to prepare a CLIL lesson by going through the four lesson stages. 

2. Behind the scenes recording of me preparing a CLIL lesson in 15 minutes

Curious how I do this? To show you it is possible, I actually set a timer of 15 minutes while I prepare a CLIL lesson, so you can see exactly what I do.

And take from that whatever you need to apply it to your own lesson of course!

3. A list of 30+ CLIL activities you can use in your lesson

This is the same list I use whenever I want to try something new in my lesson. I update it every now and then with new ideas, but with this extensive list you already have a great source of inspiration to start.

Let’s put this in practice!

These resources will only be of use to you if you actually do something with them. Not everyone decides to take action based on these resources and that is fine. They have a reason to do so and it might even be a good reason as well.

Just do not let that person be you. That would be shame of your investment in this training.

So, act on these ideas and if you need any help with this, just plan a free CLIL Quick Chat so we can discuss how I can be of service to you and make sure CLIL works in your particular situation!

As always, good luck with your CLIL lessons!