Want to stop spending time on finding ideas and resources and meet fellow, like minded CLIL teachers?

With this membership you will

  • Explore all of the elements of CLIL with a clear step-by-step plan, so you will not feel overwhelmed (following the CLIL Quality Roadmap)
  • Apply CLIL to your lesson with monthly group Q&A sessions and monthly group 'CLIL done for you' sessions, so you do not have to figure it all out on your own
  • Collaborate with fellow CLIL teachers to stop reinventing the wheel and receive support and inspiration
  • Get access to a bonus training every month to continue learning about CLIL

With the CLIL Roadmap Membership you have everything you need to start applying CLIL to your lessons. Simply follow the steps, share your ideas and receive feedback to implement.

What you get:

Online training modules

After you sign up you get immediate access to the CLIL Quality Roadmap, an extensive online training with everything you need to understand CLIL.

Don't worry about overwhelm though, everything is neatly structured in short videos.

Roadmap Community

You also gain access to the Roadmap Community. A community for participants of this course online (and not on Facebook).

This is the perfect place to ask questions, discuss challenges and find support.

Monthly Q&A & Bonus training

Every month there are Q&A sessions, bonus training sessions and 'CLIL done for you' sessions, during which we sit down and develop CLIL materials for your lesson.

It is like having your personal CLIL coach.

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