Want to have my help with actually applying CLIL to your lesson instead of just hearing ideas you still have to implement yourself?

With this membership you will

  • Explore all of the elements of CLIL with a clear step-by-step plan, so you will not feel overwhelmed (following the CLIL Quality Roadmap)
  • Apply CLIL to your lesson with monthly Q&A sessions and monthly 'CLIL done for you' sessions, so you do not have to figure it all out on your own
  • Collaborate with fellow CLIL teachers to stop reinventing the wheel and receive support and inspiration

With the CLIL Quality Roadmap Membership you have everything you need to start applying CLIL to your lessons. Simply follow the steps, share your ideas and receive feedback to implement.

It is like having your personal CLIL coach.

Join this "Netlix of CLIL" while registration is open

Price: €10,- per month

Bonus: One month for free

Founding members' launch: Commit to 6 months

Registration open until Jun 18th 23:59 CEST

After you sign up you get immediate access to the online CLIL Quality Roadmap.

The membership sessions start in September and the 6 month access will start counting then (so you have access until February 2022).

The founders' launch will only take place if 10 people or more sign up!