9 steps to quality CLIL lessons

An easy to follow, step-by-step plan to implement everything related to CLIL

Clear actions Steps 

Ready-to-Use activities 

Learn from Fellow Colleagues

Do you think CLIL is hard to apply?

You are not the only one!

When I started out with teaching CLIL almost 15 years ago it was quite a struggle.

There was no procedure, no plan, no guidance on how to do it.

I know what CLIL stood for,

but that did not mean I knew how to apply it effectively to my lesson.

And preparing it in as little time as possible was seemed quite impossible.

This gave me not just cost a lot of time,

but also gave me a feeling of overwhelm and stress.

You Want to use CLIL, but...


You feel overwhelmed with everything you 'should' do


You are not even sure if what you are doing is 'good enough'

No time

You find it takes forever to prepare CLIL lessons

You simply need to know the next step to take

What I needed were simple, actionable activities I could implement.

Activities that I did not learn from a book, but experienced myself.

In order to make sure I knew exactly what is was like to teach in a CLIL way.

On not just that.

I also needed to know where to start learning about CLIL.

The benefits of learning CLIL this way

Clear path

No feeling of overwhelm or stress, but trust the process will provide everything you need.

Actionable steps

No hours of preparation, but simple and actioanable steps to take to get to the next level

free time

No 60 minute preparations for a lesson, but less preparation time to allow for more free time next to your teaching job

The CLIL Quality Roadmap

With the CLIL Quality Roadmap you not only have a clear, step-by-step approach to CLIL.

It is a complete and practical way to discover about CLIL.

Patrick de Boer

Patrick de Boer is a CLIL coach, teacher trainer and former editor-in-chief of CLIL Magazine. With almost 15 years of experience teaching CLIL mathematics in secondary education and coaching fellow teachers, he shares his ideas on regular basis on his blog and trains CLIL teachers worldwide with both online and offline courses and workshops.

What other people say about Quality CLIL Coaching

Engaging activities!

We were learning theory through activities which we were doing ourselves. This way we could really remember those activities and use them later in our work

Malgorzata - Poland

Better grasp on CLIL

I got a much better grasp on making an actual CLIL lesson and lesson series.

Emiel - Belgium


I was introduced to a lot of new practical lesson ideas

Nicole - Germany

The Elements of the CLIL Quality Roadmap


  • Basics of CLIL
  • Language Skills
  • Scaffolding & Thinking Skills


  • Activity Design
  • Lesson stages
  • Feedback & Assessment


  • Subject specific
  • Curriculum planning
  • Quality Collaboration

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What is included


9 coaching sessions

During group coaching sessions you will not just learn about CLIL, but experience what it is like to experience it and develop your own materials in between the sessions.


Online academy

With the online modules of the CLIL Quality Roadmap you have all of the recources and lesson ideas at your disposal, whenever you want.


Personal advice

Because of the small setting, the advice and lessson ideas are tailored to your needs and curent situation.

Join the Quality


Coaching group

The Quality CLIL Coaching Group

Start: Week 12 2021 

1. Lifetime access to the online CLIL Quality Roadmap online academy (Value €197)

2. 9 Training sessions on each of the steps of the Roadmap (Value €1800)

3. 9 Times personal feedback and coaching on tasks (Value €675)

4. Bonus: Lifetime access to the videos of the CLIL Challenge 2021 (Value €17)

Total value: €2699

Join for €297


If, for any reason, you don't like the coaching after one session, you don't have to pay. You will receive the invoice after the first coaching session.

Frequently asked questions

I can't decide right now, I have to discuss with my superiors

You still have time :). The application does not close until Friday 19th of March so have a talk with your superior first.

I teach in primary/tertiary. Will it work for me?

Yes. My examples will be focused on secondary education, because that is my field of expertise, but during the coaching sessions I will adapt them to your situation.

Is it possible to join if I don't live in the CET  area?

Yes, we will plan the sessions in a way everyone can join in.

I am already experience with CLIL. Will I learn new things?

Yes! The content is often updated and the application to the situation of the trainees is personal, so there is always something new to learn.

When does it start?

We will plan the first coaching session in week 13.

Is there a limit to the amount of people who can join?

Yes, the group has a maximum of 8 people. This to make sure the feedback is still personal and everyone can ask questions.

Will you receive a certificate of completion?

Yes, which will include the date of completion and the total amount of hours of training.

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