Let's get A.I. working for your CLIL lesson, shall we?

You're invited to join the Online CLIL Summit 2023, where you'll learn how to use A.I. tools to turn your ideas into real-life, practical lesson ideas you can use tomorrow.

17 & 18 October 2023
  • Do you realise A.I. is here to stay, but have no idea how to implement it to your CLIL lesson?
  • Would you like to hear how other CLIL teachers implement A.I. in their lessons effectively?
  • Does it seem impossible to keep up with all of the A.I. news and would you like to know what works. For you. Now?

What is the Online CLIL Summit?

This summit is for CLIL teachers from all over the world looking for ways to implement A.I. in their lessons.

With 10 international speakers you are sure to hear both practical and inspirational ideas to use in your lesson!

Both days will feature a lineup of speakers that will not only share their ideas, but will discuss these live with you. This edition is all about interactivity, so you are more than welcome to join the conversation

Can't make all of the sessions? Don't worry, the recordings are all included in your ticket as well, so you don't have to miss out on anything.

Do you recognise any of this?

You have heard about A.I. but don't really know what to do with it in your lesson.

You have played around with ChatGTP but have not been able to really implement it in your lesson.

You want to use A.I. in your lesson, but don't know where to start.

If any of these ring a bell, this summit is your answer!

The event is completely online so you can participate in the summit anywhere you want.

What you will learn

How to generate lesson ideas

Specific prompts can help you to get the most out of A.I. Discover what you can and cannot get A.I. to do for you.

What websites can improve your teaching

We all know ChatGTP, but there are other websites, tools and apps that can be used to improve your lesson.

How does A.I. work in class?

Like with all new developments, there are limits to what can be done. But what is possible, within those limits?

The Speakers

David Marsh

Tom Koolen

Michele C. Guerrini

Aleksandra Zaparucha

Sjuup Rekko

Simone Ries

Ágnes Sántha-Malomsoki

Ekaterina Marnitcyna

Lenka Prochazkova

Amanda van Dijk - van 't Noordende

Some responses from previous participants

I really liked everything I heard...and am richer now after getting informed about CLIL!

It's so great to have the opportunity to attend a summit like this online - where we can keep abreast of all the latest thinking

This summit really opens opportunity for us as an educators especially those who are engage in subject which uses language

It was amazing!

This event is totally worth to be joined by more people!

Thanks for arranging such a highly-qualified event

Thank you for putting so much effort into this summit- what a wonderful idea to make such a chance of exchanging knowledge possible

Thanks! Great initiative.

The summit was excellent and very well organized.

Top quality presenters

Thank you. In general this was a very enlightening event.

The selection & variety of speakers was excellent. Thanks!

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Get your ticket

Meeting fellow teachers from all over the world is one of the many benefits of joining the Online CLIL Summit. What more reasons do you need? ;).

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Start using A.I. in your lesson in way that does not require you to reinvent the wheel!

The Schedule

All times mentioned are CEST

During each session there is time to ask questions and join the conversation.

Tuesday 17 October 2023

10:00 AM
David Marsh

Am I, a CLIL teacher, going to be replaced by A.I.?

In early 2023, initial reactions towards Generative AI in education were reactive, sometimes hostile. By mid-year talk about language learning became proactive, with particular focus on AI-enabled learning of language structures and speech, and how its use could provide greater space for CLIL’s development as a ‘signature pedagogy’.  

About David Marsh

David Marsh PhD is Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, UK, Member of the EduCluster Finland Advisory Council, University of Jyväskylä Group, and Director of MED, Finland.   His current interests include enabling educational change management, CLIL, and adjusting educational practices for digitally astute young people.

13:00/1:00 PM
Tom Koolen

Best practices in prompt engineering for teachers

This talk will introduce teachers to the techniques of prompt engineering, which means giving professional commands to AI to optimize its output. As an example case, we will prompt our own fully interactive lesson bot, that your students can use tomorrow

About Tom Koolen

Tom Koolen is an entrepreneur who is specialized in consulting and training companies about generative AI. He has a large and varied background in the field of education, and often speaks at schools about AI as well. Tom always puts emphasis on an active learning approach, where you directly learn how YOU can implement AI for YOUR specific needs and cases on the work floor. 

15:30/3:30 PM
Michele C. Guerrini

Developing materials with ChatGPT: what skills do teachers need?

CLIL teachers enrolled in the Resources and Materials module of the UAH masters program must prepare a variety of materials based on authentic texts. This year I’m exploring how ChatGPT can help them do this. Analysing how I elicited and assessed the materials ChatGPT generated reveals insights for teacher training. 

About Michele C. Guerrini

Michele C. Guerrini teaches at the Universidad de Alcalá de Henares Masters in TEFL, and develops CLIL science, geography and history projects for educational publishers. She is co-author of Learning Lab: Social Science (Santillana) and co-editor of CLIL across educational levels (Richmond). She is currently exploring A.I. tools for education.

20:00/8:00 PM
Aleksandra Zaparucha

ChatGPT? A useful tool, but...  

From lesson planning to materials writing, ChatGPT can be a really handy tool, but there are limits to what it can do. At least as of now...  

About Aleksandra Zaparucha

Aleksandra is a Geography and English teacher with over 30 years of experience, which includes CLIL
teacher training and materials writing. She has worked across Europe and Asia, taking part in both
face to face and online projects. In 2014 her CLIL geography workbook was nominated for the British
Council ELTons Award, and in 2017 she won this award as a Tigtag CLIL team member.

Wednsday 18 October 2023

10:00 AM
Sjuup Rekko

Using AI to assist with math!

Various AI models have been combined to create a new digital assistant: MathGPT and GraphGPT. This always cheerful and upbeat assistant supports with math and with drawing graphs without typing any formula. Instead of just providing answers or solutions, he asks questions based on the student's mostly written input. In this playful manner, not only can the student call for help 24/7, but they are also assisted in gaining a better understanding of their own challenges.

About Sjuup Rekko

As an entrepreneur, researcher, inventor, and educator, Sjuup is constantly searching for ways to better assist students with their challenges in mathematics, physics, and statistics. It's not just about the rational aspect; the emotional aspect also plays a significant role. His latest innovation in this field is MathGPT and GraphGPT.

Simone Ries

Interweaving AI & Video: A New Dimension for CLIL Instruction

Dive into the fusion of AI and videos, transforming CLIL pedagogy. Join this presentation to explore new possibilities in CLIL lessons when working with videos.

About Simone Ries

Simone is a CLIL educator at the University of Teacher Education, Lucerne, Switzerland and author of various CLIL materials and articles.

She experienced in teaching CLIL across diverse levels and is a frequent presenter at numerous conferences.

Currently she is exploring the convergence of CLIL and AI.

13:00/1:00 PM
Ágnes Sántha-Malomsoki

The AI-ncredible Potential of CLIL

The evolving educational landscape, driven by rapid technological advancements, highlights the urgent adoption of artificial intelligence for the teaching-learning process. The 'talk' aims to showcase potential applications of this new technology across various educational levels, spanning from primary schools to higher education.

About Ágnes Sántha-Malomsoki

Ágnes has over twenty years of experience as an English teacher, having worked in both CLIL and traditional programs. Currently, she applies the principles of CLIL in her teaching at a higher education institution.

Ekaterina S. Marnitcyna

AI as a time-saver and idea generator for CLIL teachers

Twee.com is one of very few (if not the only) AI-powered tools developed for English teachers. Let us explore some of its features and how CLIL teachers could benefit from using it.

About Ekaterina S. Marnitcyna

Ekaterina S. Marnitcyna, MA and PhD in the English language, educational designer, has been teaching ESP, Russian culture and soft skills in English for more that 20 years at tertiary level. Lack of teaching materials on ESP for some professions led her to the collaboration with specialists in these areas,
developing CLIL projects and publishing textbooks (namely, for designers).

20:00/8:00 PM
Lenka Procházková

Language demands of word problems in Mathematics

Word problems are basically riddles. They often present a significant issue even for native speakers, let alone in a CLIL context. We shall look at linguistic and cultural challenges that word problems bring, and how to support students in overcoming some of them. 

About Lenka Prochazkova

Lenka Prochazkova has taught English and Math at secondary schools for 16 years, regularly integrating L2 activities in her Maths teaching. She has worked as a teacher trainer at Charles University, Prague, and a CLIL trainer for the Czech Institute of Further Education.

Amanda van Dijk - van 't Noordende

Using learning accelerators in Microsoft Teams for CLIL

Within Microsoft Teams teachers have access to learning accelerators. How can you use this in a way that benefits CLIL in your classroom. These learning tools work with AI in a way that can help build a strong CLIL education for the future.

About Amanda van Dijk - van 't Noordende

As a CLIL coach Drs. Amanda van Dijk-van 't Noordende built up an experience in the Netherlands for a wide variety of teachers. Specialized in multilingualism in bilingual education she organizes training in and outside the Netherlands for teachers and bilingual teams. At the moment she is working from the Dutch Caribbean as well as the Netherlands specifically focusing on CLIL-innovation in education.

Phil Ball

Frequently Asked Questions

Just in case I forgot something

Why is this a paid event?

To increase engagement and take care of the costs involved in organising this summit, a small fee is asked to participate during this summit. 

How long will the sessions be available?

The sessions will be recorded and these recordings will be available to you after the summit. Without any time limits.

Am I going to learn something practical or do I need to buy something?

No need to buy anything! The resources and ideas shared during this summit will be applicable to your lesson without any additional costs. And yes: the aim of the summit is to be as practical as possible.

When is the Online CLIL Summit?

The summit will be organized on 17 & 18 October 2023.


What times are the sessions?

The sessions are planned throughout the day to accomodate different timezones and teacher availability.

After signing up you will receive the overview of the two days so you can plan what sessions to follow live.

How does it work?

After you have registered, you will receive a confirmation mail with information on how to join the sessions.

Before each day of the summit, you will reveive an email with the link to the sessions of the day after.

All sessions will make use of Zoom software. This software is free to use and allows for interaction and hassle-free communication.


For who might this be interesting?

CLIL teachers around the world! Primary, secondary and tertiary teachers will find interesting topics to explore and will gain valuable insights for their CLIL lessons. 


Your hosts

Patrick de Boer is a mathematics teacher, CLIL coach, teacher trainer and former editor-in-chief of CLIL Magazine. With 15 years of experience teaching CLIL mathematics in secondary education and coaching fellow teachers, he share his ideas on regular basis on his blog in his podcast and trains CLIL teachers worldwide with both online and offline courses and workshops.

David Marsh PhD is Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, UK, Member of the EduCluster Finland Advisory Council, University of Jyväskylä Group, and Director of MED, Finland.   His current interests include enabling educational change management, CLIL, and adjusting educational practices for digitally astute young people.

Patrick & David will be the moderators of the sessions.

The sessions are supposed to be interactive, so please feel free to ask questions any time!