CLIL Fundamentals Video 1

CLIL & Lesson Framework

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20 thoughts on “CLIL Fundamentals Video 1”

  1. Costantina Cossu

    I’m Clil Teacher and I agree new ideas and resources for my lessons. It’s very interesting

  2. ricardo luceño

    Thanks for sharing. I miss the statement of (content&language) objectives at the very beginning of your lesson framework to focus students on task.

    1. Indeed, setting the goals of a lesson is something I do a lot myself as well. For the purpose of this video I had to set priorities, but you are absolutely correct. Thanks for the feedback!

  3. I really enjoyed video 1 – I have been working with CLIL for quite some time and I have found that there are many similarities with CLIL and SIOP Model. Your example of lesson framework captures several phases that I recognise from SIOP Model (such as activating prior knowledge, interaction between students in cooperative settings etc.). I think your efforts in preparing this/these instructional videos is a great reference for CLIL teachers – so well done!

    1. Indeed, the lesson framework is not something original. However, I like to structure my lessons and this allows met to plan my activities more succesfully. Thanks for the compliment, I hope you like the next videos just as much!

  4. Thanks Patrick. More visuals – images – would help me to learn better. You have a clear voice and a good understanding of CLIL! I think summarizing now and again would help… And how about showing a video of yourself teaching, as an example, in a future webinar?

    1. I’ll keep it mind for the next video! Using video in the future is certainly a good idea, I’ll think about the implentation of this. Thank you for your response!

    1. Glad to know it helped. Keep watching the other videos, they contain even more information and should be of great help to everyone, especially if you just start out. Don’t be overwhelmed though, just take one action at a time.

  5. Brilliant, not only for newbies . Thanks for focussing on “engagement” that much, extremely important if you want to be successful. Looking forward to seeing more 🙂

    1. Thanks Andreas! I hope everyone can learn from this indeed! Let me know what you think about the other videos as well!

  6. I really loved the video. It is full of interesting ideas that I am sure are going to make our classes a lot easier to teach and for our students easier to learn.

  7. Hi Patrick, I´m trying to watch the 1st and the 2nd videos but it always appears this reply page.Is there any other way to watch them? Thnaks

    1. Sorry to hear it doesn’t work for you. I’ll mail you the link to the videos directly, that might work?

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