CLIL Fundamentals Video 2

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Lesson Framework Part II and Language Skills

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8 thoughts on “CLIL Fundamentals Video 2”

  1. María Noemí Fernández Ramírez

    Thank you very much for this second video. I found it really interesting. The part where you talked about individual learning was very useful. I loved what you said about reflection as well. I agree to the fact that we , as teachers, many times forget about the importance of the end of a lesson. I’ve been teaching for 15 years and I love my job. I reflect a lot about my teaching but I don’t give time to my students to reflect on their learning.That’s why I found useful what you said about to plan the end of our lessons.I will give importance to this part of the lesson and I will include questions to make my students to reflect.
    Thanks again for your tips.

    1. Indeed, I still struggle with the end of a lesson myself quite often. Thank you for your feedback!

  2. Great. Thanks for the focus on language and the use of authentic material – working for a technical college myself, this is what makes CLIL most attractive for both students and teachers.

  3. Hi Patrick,
    I like this video but have a question about the CLIL bit. Why are all these things good for CLIL? You say it sometimes but I would like more. You are very clear in what you say. I miss, too, a bit of rationale – why do you do things the way you do? Who says so? Maybe too theoretical for some people but I would like some background. Thanks very much for sharing here.

    1. Indeed, I did provide barely any rationale, for the reason you mention. It might get a little too theoretical that way, but I am exploring possible ‘theoretical’ videos including more research. This might prove to be of value to you (and hopefully others). Thanks for sharing your opinion!

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